June 19, 2021

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The sinking of a barge in India has killed 37 people

Tauktae cyclone India

The picture shows the Indian Navy airlifting the workers stranded on the P305 barge to the helicopter. (AFP)

 Indian media reported on Thursday (May 20) that 37 people were killed and 38 people were missing in the recent barge sinking in the waters near Mumbai.

Affected by tropical cyclone Tauktae”, a barge numbered P305 sank in the waters off Mumbai, India, on the afternoon of May 17. At the time of the incident, there were 261 people on board.

“India Today” reported that after the accident, the Indian Navy waited for rescue work immediately. On the morning of the 20th, the Navy launched a new round of aerial search at the scene of the incident and nearby areas.

Beginning on the 15th, the tropical cyclone “Tauktae” began to hit the southwest coast of India, and several western Indian states such as Kerala and Goa were severely affected.

The “India Express” quoted the rescued barge chief engineer Rahman Sheikh as saying that before the incident, many life rafts on the barge had holes. In addition, they received the alert a week before the tropical cyclone “Tauktae” hit, and many nearby ships left the sea after that. But the captain believes that the wind speed of this tropical cyclone will not exceed 40 kilometers per hour, and the duration will not be very long. But in fact, the wind speed reached 100 kilometers per hour, and five anchors on the ship broke. “If there are no such problems, everyone may be safe.”

The Mumbai police said that it would investigate why the barge remained in the waters after receiving the “Tauktae” alert.

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