June 20, 2021

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Laos will extend the nationwide lockdown for 15 days to June 4

Laos Lockdown

The number of coronavirus cases in Laos continues to increase, and the authorities will extend the current nationwide lockdown until June 4.

The Lao Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on Thursday (May 20) stating that the government will extend the lockdown measures for 15 days to June 4 as the COVID-19 epidemic in Laos has not yet been fully controlled.

During the blockade, except for those authorized by the relevant local authorities for the transportation of goods and food, medical services, hospital visits or vaccinations, no entry or departure from the infected or dangerous areas identified by the authorities is allowed. The statement also stated that the maximum number of people at the gathering is 10.

As of Thursday, Laos had accumulated 1,751 cases of coronary disease, of which 740 had recovered; the country recorded its first two cases of coronary disease on March 24 last year.

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