June 19, 2021

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Lebanon fired six artillery shells at Israel and the Israeli army responded

Lebanon fired shells at Israel

The picture shows Lebanese soldiers standing in the village of Maroun Al-Ras near the border with Israel in southern Lebanon on the 16th. (Reuters)

The Israeli military said on Monday (May 17) that Lebanon fired six artillery shells at northern Israel that day, but did not cross the border.

The Israeli army said that in response, artillery fired artillery shells at Lebanon’s “launch source”.

Reuters reported that a Lebanese security source said that the sound of artillery shells fired from southern Lebanon could be heard and was trying to find out the location. The source said that Israeli artillery fired about 22 artillery shells into Lebanese territory.

There are no reports of casualties. The shelling does not seem to indicate that Israel has opened up new fronts in the battle with militants in the Gaza Strip. This is the second cross-border firefight in the past week; Lebanon fired three rockets into northern Israel last Thursday, but they landed in the Mediterranean without causing any damage or casualties.

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