June 19, 2021

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India’s top virologist resigned and questioned how the authorities responded to the epidemic

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Jameel, a top Indian virologist, told Reuters on the 16th that he had resigned from an expert advisory group set up by the Indian government to monitor the mutated coronavirus. The report did not mention the specific reason for the expert’s resignation, but mentioned that he had questioned the Indian government’s response to the menacing coronavirus outbreak a few weeks ago.

Reuters reported that Jameel, who is the chairman of the scientific advisory group of the Indian Coronavirus Gene Alliance, refused to give reasons for his resignation. At present, the Indian Minister of Health and the Minister of Biotechnology have not yet responded to this matter.

On May 13, Jameel summed up India’s response to the epidemic in an invited commentary in the New York Times. He concluded: “Scientists are faced with stubborn resistance to decision-making based on facts.”

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