June 19, 2021

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Israeli-Palestinian issue: Biden talks on the phone with Israeli and Palestinian leaders

President Biden
Biden had a phone call with Palestinian President Abbas on the same day. Abbas urged the US government to intervene during the phone call to stop Israel's offensive against the Palestinians. In the phone conversations, Biden mentioned his support for a "two-state solution" to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

US President Biden spoke with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Saturday (May 15) to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Xinhua News Agency reported that the US White House issued a statement on the phone call between Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that during the call, Biden expressed concern about the conflicts causing civilian casualties, the safety and security of journalists, and the violent clashes in the West Bank. Worry.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said that Netanyahu thanked the United States for its “clear support for Israel’s right to self-defense” and stated that Israel is making every effort to “avoid harm to unrelated personnel”.

Biden also had a phone call with Palestinian President Abbas on the same day. This is the first time the two sides have had a phone call since Biden took office as US President in January this year.

The White House subsequently issued a statement stating that the two sides expressed concern over the civilian casualties caused by the conflict. Biden expressed to Abbas that the U.S. is committed to strengthening the U.S.-Pakistan partnership, and emphasized that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) must stop launching rockets to Israel. bomb.

According to the Palestine News Agency, Abbas urged the US government to intervene during the phone call to stop Israel’s offensive against the Palestinians. Abbas said that only when Israel ends its occupation of the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital can regional security and stability be achieved. He is ready to cooperate with the four parties involved in the Middle East issue (the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia) to achieve peace on the basis of the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

In the phone conversations with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Biden mentioned his support for a “two-state solution” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and expressed his support for the Palestinians to enjoy “dignity, security, freedom and economic opportunities they deserve.”

In the past few days, serious conflicts between Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel have continued to escalate. According to data released by the Israel Defense Forces and the Gaza Strip Health Department on the 15th, the conflict between the two sides has resulted in 10 deaths and 114 injuries since the 10th, and 139 deaths and 1,000 injuries in Palestine.

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