June 20, 2021

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Residents of Penang Island also feel the earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia

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 A magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in the western waters of Sumatra, Indonesia this afternoon (May 14), and some high-rise residents on Penang Island, Malaysia felt the shock.

Sing Chew.com reported that the Malaysian Meteorological Administration posted on its Facebook page today that the earthquake occurred at 2:33 this afternoon in the waters off Sumatra, Indonesia, 156 kilometers southwest of Nias Island, with a focal depth of 10 Kilometers.

The Bureau of Meteorology pointed out that the earthquake did not pose a threat to Malaysia, but residents in Penang could feel the shock.

Residents in some areas of Penang Island, such as Jelutong and Sungai Limong, also left messages under a post by the Meteorological Bureau, saying they felt the shock.

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