June 19, 2021

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18 elephant corpses found dead by lightning in Indian forest


18 wild elephant carcasses were found in Assam, India. (AFP)

18 wild elephant corpses were found in the Indian state of Assam on Thursday (May 13). Preliminary investigations revealed that these elephants were probably killed by lightning.

The corpses of these 18 wild elephants were found in a protected forest area on the local mountain. Some forest officials and local legislator Jitu Goswami told AFP that they believed that the elephant died after lightning strikes the forest. But Soumyadeep Datta, a well-known conservationist from Nature’s Beckon, an environmental activist group, said that based on social media images, this scenario is unlikely.

Datta believes that the elephant may be poisoned to death, “but we must wait for the post-mortem report, and the forest department will complete it as soon as possible.” Senior officials of the forestry department, chief wildlife caretaker and veterinarian have all rushed to the scene to investigate the specifics of the elephants. cause of death.

There are nearly 30,000 elephants in India, accounting for about 60% of the wild Asian elephant population. In recent years, as humans have further encroached on forest areas, incidents of killing elephants by locals have increased, and vice versa.

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