May 14, 2021

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Trump’s website set up text message space on the eve of Facebook’s review of the ban


Former US President Trump and his wife Melania launched the official website. (Reuters)

Former US President Trump opened a space on his website on Tuesday (4th) for him to post text messages, and allowed others to share his information on Twitter and Facebook.

Reuters reported that after the US Congress was violently attacked by Trump supporters on January 6, Trump is still “blocked” by Twitter and Facebook. Facebook’s supervisory committee will review the decision on whether to lift the permanent ban on Trump’s account on Wednesday.

Trump’s senior adviser, Miller, said on Twitter that the texting space is not a social media platform that Trump plans to launch, and that more news will be announced soon.

Fox News is the first to report that Trump has set up a text message space, and said that people can share and like Trump’s posts in the space.

Trump’s post in the space repeatedly claimed that he lost the 2020 presidential election due to election fraud and criticized his Republican senators Romney and Cheney.

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