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Thailand Covid-19 Update: 1763 new cases of covid-19 reported

There were 1,763 new cases of coronary disease in Thailand, with a total of 72,788 cases. (AFP)

 According to data from the Thailand Coronavirus Epidemic Response and Management Center (CCSA) on Tuesday (May 4), Thailand has 1,763 new cases of covid-19, with a total of 72,788 cases.

Thailand added 27 new deaths from covid-19 on the same day, totaling 303; of these, more than 200 were notified after April 1.

Among the new cases, 1,750 were local transmission cases, of which 562 were from the capital Bangkok. The World Health Organization (Thailand) said that the authorities may have to wait two weeks before assessing whether Thailand’s recent measures are sufficient to contain the epidemic.

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