May 16, 2021

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President of BioNTech: This year’s vaccine production is expected to be close to 3 billion doses


COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer BioNTech continues to increase production, and will produce close to 3 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine within this year, which is higher than the original 2.5 billion dose target.

Ugur Sahin, the founder and president of BioNTech, said at a webcast hosted by the Financial Times: “Our team has done a good job in further expanding production capacity. Now this number can reach close to 3 billion doses.”

He said: “We are pleased that we did not encounter too many technical problems, and we were able to deliver on schedule.”

The Mainz, Germany-based biotechnology company said in March that it and its US partner Pfizer have upgraded the supply chain this year to produce 2.5 billion doses of vaccine this year, of which 1.4 billion doses have been sold.

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