May 14, 2021

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Myanmar Latest News: parcel bomb exploded, a former member of parliament and police killed

Myanmar parcel exploded

Myanmar Latest News: At least one parcel bomb explosion occurred in Myanmar, resulting in the death of five people. The dead included a former member of Parliament and three policemen who joined the disobedience movement.

Reuters quoted Myanmar’s independent media “Myanmar Today” as saying that the latest bomb attack occurred at about 5 pm on Monday (3rd) in a rural village in the southern city of Bago. Bago City is about 65 kilometers from Yangon.

A local resident said that at least one parcel bomb exploded in a house, followed by three more explosions. A local councilor, three policemen, and a resident of the Myanmar National League for Democracy were killed in the bombing.

The resident said that another policeman who had joined the disobedience movement was also seriously injured and both arms were broken.

The injured policeman has been taken to the hospital.

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