May 14, 2021

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North Korean media condemned the publication of Kim Il Sung’s memoirs in South Korea

South Korean publishing house "National Sarangchae" published "Walking with the Century" on May 1.

The North Korean media condemned the controversy caused by South Korea’s publication of Kim Il Sung’s memoir of the anti-Japanese movement, “Walk with the Century”, saying that this was an abnormal event beyond imagination and an attempt by South Korea to confront.

Yonhap News Agency reported that North Korea’s foreign propaganda media “by our nation itself” stated on Monday (3rd) that South Korean judicial circles and conservative media pointed out that the version of Kim Il-sung’s memoirs violated the National Security Act, and that it was a publication of “enemy advantage”. It is nonsense, showing an attempt to confront, and accusing the South Korean authorities of slanderously obstructing the publication and dissemination of the memoir and investigating related publishing houses, which is shocking.

North Korea also indirectly criticized the controversy by quoting South Korean media and readers on May 1st and 2nd, and directly condemned it on Monday.

South Korean publishing house “National Sarangchae” published “Walking with the Century” on May 1. The book did not modify the original work published by the Korean Workers’ Party Publishing House, which caused controversies such as distortion of facts and violations of the law.

The relevant departments of the South Korean government and the police are investigating the original publication of the book, and some civic groups have requested the court to impose a temporary sanction against the promotion and sale of the book. South Korean bookstore giant Jiaobao Bunku has stopped selling the book on April 23, and other online bookstores have also stopped selling.

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