May 14, 2021

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North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticizes US President Biden’s speech

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Biden addressed the joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives. For the first time in American history, two women, Vice President Harris and Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, sat behind the president. (AFP)

According to a report from the Korean Central News Agency on the 2nd, the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s Director of U.S. Affairs Kwon Jung-geun made a statement on the 2nd criticizing the speech made by US President Biden in Congress.

According to reports, US President Biden previously stated in his first congressional speech that the nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran pose a “threat” and will be resolved through “diplomatic and severe deterrence.” In response to this, according to KCNA reports, the DPRK’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of U.S. Affairs Kwon Jung-geun made a statement on the same day, saying that the U.S. authorities used this way in their first policy speech to express their stance on North Korea and cannot condone.

Quan Zhenggen said in his speech that the Americans in power once again failed to speak in their first congressional speech after taking office. “He is talking nonsense about our country’s’serious threat’ to the United States and the world’s security, mentioning diplomacy and decisive containment. This is what we often hear from Americans, and it is also expected.”

Kwon Jung-geun also stated that if the United States still manipulates North Korea-US relations based on the vision and perspective of the Cold War era, it will face an unmanageable crisis in the near future if the United States still plays with outdated and backward policies. “Since the backbone of the new US policy toward North Korea has been laid before us, we have to take corresponding measures. As time goes by, the United States will face a very serious situation.”

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