June 19, 2021

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French President Macron Announces “Four Steps” to lift the lockdown


According to the French government's gradual unblocking plan, starting from May 3, restrictions on daytime travel and cross-regional travel will be lifted. (Bloomberg)

 French President Macron announced on Thursday (29th) that the isolation and isolation measures will be gradually lifted in four stages from May 3rd.

Xinhua News Agency reported that Macron announced the “four-step” unblocking plan in an interview with many French media. According to this plan, starting from May 3, restrictions on day trips and cross-regional travel will be lifted, and junior high and high school students will return to school; May 19 will enter the second phase of release, and the curfew will start every day From 7 pm to 9 pm, outdoor terraces of restaurants and bars, shopping malls, museums and cinemas will be reopened, but the number of people must be limited.

In the third phase, starting on June 9th, the curfew will be postponed to 11 pm every night, the indoor parts of restaurants and bars will be reopened, cultural and sports venues will be reopened but subject to the maximum number of visitors, and foreign tourists will be open Entry, but you need to hold a “health pass certificate”; on June 30, France will enter the final stage of unblocking, the curfew will be lifted, cultural and sports and other public places will be fully open, and the number of participants can be canceled according to the local epidemic prevention situation Restrictions, but people still need to observe social safety distance.

In order to curb the COVID-19 epidemic, France has implemented closed isolation measures in all regions of the country since April 3 for a period of four weeks.

According to data published on the French government website on April 29, France has added 26,538 new confirmed cases of coronary disease in the past 24 hours, with a total of 5.59239 confirmed cases; currently 29,487 patients are receiving treatment in hospitals, of which 5804 are In the intensive care unit.

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