May 14, 2021

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At least three people were killed in a landslide in Sumatra

landslide in Sumatra

North Sumatra, Indonesia was hit by heavy rain on Thursday (29th) night, causing deadly floods in some areas. Rescuers are looking for more survivors. (AFP)

A landslide occurred near a power plant in Sumatra, Indonesia. Three people were killed in the accident, two of them were children. The authorities fear that the number of deaths will rise.

Agence France-Presse reported that North Sumatra province was hit by heavy rain on Thursday night (April 29), causing deadly floods in some areas. Mulino, head of the search and rescue agency in Medan, the capital of the province, said on Friday: “This morning, we found three dead, including an adult and two children.” “We are still looking for another nine missing persons.”

According to reports, the missing include three people working at the Batang Toru hydroelectric power plant, including a Chinese national. They may have been buried in mud and rubble.

Taufik, a spokesperson for Indonesian hydropower plant operator PT North Sumatera Hydro Energy, said that at the time of the incident, employees of the hydropower plant were inspecting areas where landslides might occur due to heavy rain. Taufik added that another Chinese employee had escaped safely.

During the rainy season, fatal landslides and flooding incidents often occur across Indonesia. This month, tropical cyclone Seroja struck Indonesia’s Far East islands and neighboring East Timor, killing more than 200 people in the disaster.

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