June 20, 2021

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Point Wisdom: Shadow

All objects will show shadows when exposed to sunlight or lights. Shadow and form are inseparable, so to describe two people who are inseparable from Meng, it is like a shadow

“The heart has no shadow, but it has an’influence’…”

Buddha and his disciple Sariputra stood under the sun at the same time, and suddenly a bird flew over and stayed in the shadow of Sariputra. However, the bird in the shadow of Sariputta is always on guard and restless, like a frightened bird, trembling constantly. After a while, the bird flew away from the shadow of Sariputta and stayed in the shadow of the Buddha. In an instant, the bird seemed to have found a safe refuge and remained motionless, resting comfortably in the shadow of the Buddha.

Seeing this scene, Sariputta asked curiously: “This little bird stopped on my shadow. I didn’t have the desire to kill it or hurt it. Why would it keep trembling and dare not stay for a long time?” Buddha said, “Although you don’t have the intention to harm it, because your aversion from the beginning is still there, this little bird feels your aversion, so under your shadow, it will be trembling uneasy, afraid You hurt it.”

Sariputra listened and said ashamed: “I know, this means that my compassion is not enough, so I will remain apathetic, and I will be more compassionate in the future, otherwise I will not even dare to get close to a bird. , How to save the crowd?”


All objects will show shadows when exposed to sunlight or lights. Shadow and form are inseparable, so to describe two people who are inseparable from Meng, is like a shadow. It means that the effect of doing things is fast as if it is immediate; if there is a hidden inconvenience, it is insinuated or insinuated; for short-lived and short-lived phenomena, just To say that there is a glimpse of light, or that it will eventually become a bubble, means that the world is impermanent.

Shadows are closely related to people’s lives, as can be seen from many idioms. For example, when there are rumors that are right and wrong, they are always eloquent; misunderstanding the facts, making a bow and snake shadow; not knowing the truth, just telling it casually, they are all chasing after the wind.

Even sometimes we will live in the shadow of others. However, the shadow is not entirely bad, and sometimes we also want a tall shadow to shade and protect. As the sun is in the middle, the sun is direct, and the heat is too hot. At this time, the shadows of the mountains, the shadows of the trees, and the shadows of the houses can give us shade, so sometimes we have to thank these shadows.


Shadows are always imaginary and unreal, and the poem goes: “Da Moses comes without a word, and he works hard with his heart; if it is right and wrong for a person, the brushstroke is drenched in Dongting Lake.” It means: Master Bodhidharma preached Zen, not showing off in words and language, but relying on deep thought and experience. We need to be able to reap the good Dharma in our hearts and earth. It is not enough to talk about finger painting or worship as a form. We should always observe in our hearts whether we have compassion or not. Have patience? Smart? If we want to judge people, we will go astray. This also points directly to the shadow of the heart, which has an important influence.

Sometimes the shadow is not necessarily the appearance of one’s own body. Some people become other people’s clones, spreading words to others, and become the shadow of others. Whether it is your own shadow or the shadow of others, the shadow appears with the deity. Without the deity, it will not become a shadow. Li Bai’s “A toast to invite the bright moon, and the shadows become three people; the moon does not drink, the shadow disciples follow me”; facing the shadows, while we add to the sadness of being alone, we must also understand its meaning!

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