May 14, 2021

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Developing countries call on developed countries to provide more support to combat climate change


South Africa’s President Ramaphosa said that climate change will have a great impact on developing economies including the vast number of African countries, including major impacts such as droughts, floods, extreme weather, and rising sea levels. If developing countries cannot build the capacity to adapt to climate change, it will not only reverse the current achievements, but will also bring more poverty, famine, unemployment and other problems. (Bloomberg)

The Leaders Climate Summit hosted by the United States began on Thursday (22nd). Leaders of developing countries attending the summit called on developed countries to show greater determination and action in tackling climate change. Fulfill climate change financing commitments and provide developing countries with more financial, technological, and capacity-building support.

Xinhua News Agency reported that South African President Ramaphosa emphasized in his speech that the response to climate change must adhere to the principles of multilateralism and common but differentiated responsibilities, and follow the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” “Developed countries have the responsibility and obligation to help developing countries realize climate change mitigation and adaptation, and advance the mitigation, adaptation and financing goals with equal determination in a balanced manner.”

Ramaphosa pointed out that climate change assistance from developed countries to developing countries should be separate and “should not be part of traditional development assistance.” He called on the developed countries with the highest traditional emissions to shoulder their responsibilities and repair the “bond of trust” between developed and developing economies.

Indonesian President Joko said that he is very happy to see some countries put forward the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and hopes that these countries can “sit their words and act.” “If the commitments of developed countries are credible and provide practical support to developing countries, then developing countries will also have confidence in achieving their emission reduction targets.”

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Hasina said: “The coronavirus epidemic reminds us that only a strong and positive response can solve the global crisis.” She expressed the hope that developed countries will provide more support for mitigation measures in developing countries and cash in on capital and technology transfer. committed to.

Hasina stated that developed countries pledge to raise 100 billion U.S. dollars a year to provide climate financial support to developing countries. She hopes that this pledge can be fulfilled, with a balanced focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation, with special care. To the most vulnerable countries.

The President of the Marshall Islands, Kabua, said that the majority of vulnerable countries often hear some countries’ excuses regarding the high cost of emission reduction targets. In fact, the political signals sent by the world’s major economies determine global low-carbon investment and innovation decisions.

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the rotating chairman of the African Union Tsisekedi also stated that the current financing mechanism is not enough and hopes to simplify the procedures for the least developed countries to obtain climate change financing. Most of these countries are in Africa.

Jamaican Prime Minister Holness said that major emitters should increase the amount of financing to address climate change, and ensure that they are “available” and “flexible” financing, taking into account debt issues and coping with climate change crises, and helping developing countries better Resist disasters and enhance the ability to deal with climate change.

The Leaders Climate Summit is hosted by the United States and will be held in a video format from April 22 to 23, focusing on topics such as climate change challenges, climate change solutions, financial assistance, and innovation.

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