June 19, 2021

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Pfizer confirms that fake vaccines are circulating in the market, asking for $2,500 per dose

pfizer fake vaccine

Pfizer officials said that there is currently a "fake vaccine" circulating in Mexico and Poland, and each vaccine is sold at a price of US$2,500. (AFP)

An official from Pfizer, a US drugmaker, confirmed that there is currently a “fake vaccine” circulating in Mexico and Poland, and each vaccine is sold at a price of US$2500 (S$3319).

The Wall Street Journal reported that in a Mexican clinic, about 80 people were vaccinated with fake vaccines. Mexico’s government spokesman for COVID-19, Gatel, said that the authorities have not found any evidence that fake vaccines harm the human body. He added that several people were arrested.

Cattel also said that the police found on social networks someone selling such fake vaccines for $2,500 per dose. Mexican officials said that the bottled vaccine was found in a beer cooler, and the police could identify it by the fake batch number and expiration date.

Pfizer also said that the fake vaccine vials confiscated in Poland contained a cosmetic substance that was believed to be an anti-wrinkle cream.

A Pfizer spokesperson told ABC News: “We are aware that the incidence of fraud, counterfeiting, and other illegal activities related to vaccines and treatments will be driven by the profitable business of e-commerce and anonymous transactions on the Internet. increase.”

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