June 19, 2021

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Soccer News, Six Premier League giants withdraw from the UEFA Super League


In the early hours of this morning, local time, Chelsea faced Brighton's closed-door match. A large number of fans appeared outside the field to protest the European Super League plan. (AFP)

The six Premier League giants withdrew from the UEFA Super League, and the executive vice chairman of Man Utd, Ed Woodward, resigned. The plan for the UEFA Europa League that was already on the line collapsed in an instant.

In the early morning of Monday (19th) local time, the Premier League’s Manchester duo, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham, as well as La Liga’s Madrid duo and Barcelona ( Barcelona), Serie A’s Milan duo and Juventus (Juventus) a total of 12 teams jointly announced the establishment of the UEFA Super League, leaving the UEFA Champions League, self-organizing closed mid-week matches, letting the famous brand players meet and letting the famous brand clubs Distributing benefits between UEFA, FIFA, the British government, the Premier League, the German Football Association, Bayern Munich, football legends, football commentators and fans around the world generally opposed.

Real Madrid chairman Perez claimed that the new league can attract young people and save football. Ceferin, the president of UEFA, criticized these 12 big balls for being selfish and undermining the virtues of sports.

However, the six Premier League teams that formed the backbone of the new league, after days of bombardment by public opinion, withdrew from the plan in the early morning of today (21st).

Arsenal wrote in the official statement: “No need to say it again. The reaction of the fans over the past few days has given us time to reflect deeply. It was not our intention to cause such a great upset. At that time, we received an invitation from the European Super League. There is no guarantee, we don’t want to be abandoned, we just want to protect the future of Arsenal.”

Arsenal officials continued to write: “After listening to you and the football world, we decided to withdraw from the UEFA Super League. We made a mistake and we apologize for that.”

Woodward’s resignation was even more interpreted as being responsible for this matter.

The British media pointed out that the next domino effect is bound to occur, and the executive leaders of these six giants may step down one after another. In the past few days, the directors of the six Premier League giants have not been interviewed by the media. Liverpool coach Klopp, Manchester city coach Guardiola (Guardiola), Chelsea coach Tuchel, Liverpool veteran Milner (Milner) The others were pushed into the line of fire because of the regular press conference. Although they expressed their trust in the club, they did not agree with the European Super League. Gua Shuai even believes that a game that loses competition and guarantees success is not a sport at all.

Now that the six giants withdraw, the plan of the European Super League is probably about to collapse.

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