June 20, 2021

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A 5.9-magnitude earthquake occurred where the Iranian nuclear power plant is located


The strong earthquake hit Bushehr Province, which has a nuclear power plant in southern Iran. (AFP file photo)

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck Sunday in Bushehr Province, the southern province of Iran that has nuclear power plants.

Reuters quoted Iran’s national television station as reporting that a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Bushehr province in southern Iran with a nuclear power plant in Iran on Sunday, but no immediate reports of casualties were received.

The report said: “The earthquake struck the Bandaronneville area of ​​the province this morning. There is no report of damage so far.” The report added that relief organizations from the Iranian Red Crescent Society have been dispatched to the area.

The authorities stated that the depth of the earthquake was 10 kilometers, but did not provide more details.

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