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Myanmar military amnesty more than 23,000 prisoners during the New Year

The 17th of last month was the Burmese New Year, and some people prayed for safety by bathing in Buddha. (AFP)

The Myanmar military continued the New Year’s amnesty tradition and released more than 23,000 prisoners on Saturday (17th), but the military continued to arrest anti-coup demonstrators and issued arrest warrants to dissidents.

Saturday is the first day of Myanmar’s New Year and the last day of the country’s five-day New Year holiday.

A spokesperson for the Myanmar military confirmed to Reuters by phone that 23,184 prisoners were released that day. Most of those released were arrested before the military launched the coup on February 1, but some were also arrested after February 1. Arrested.

When asked if any demonstrators involved in the anti-coup were released, he said that he did not have detailed information on the New Year’s amnesty.

According to Agence France-Presse, an anonymous person in charge of Yongsheng Prison in Yangon revealed that prisons across the country began to release prisoners on Saturday. He said: “Our prison will release more than 800 prisoners.”

The military government released the same number of prisoners in February this year. At that time, some human rights defenders worried that the military did this to allow the prison to accommodate more opposition figures and create riots in the community.

The military publishes a list of arrests through state-run media every night, including well-known celebrities, internet celebrities, journalists, and activists who have a large number of followers on social media.

As of Friday, the military has issued arrest warrants to 380 people.

Approximately 80 doctors are listed as wanted criminals for trying to “undermine peace and stability.”

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