May 13, 2021

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8 dead in Indiana shooting

indiana shootings

A shooting incident occurred late at night at a FedEx Center in Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, on the 15th. Eight people have been killed and the gunman committed suicide. The shooting also injured several people.

According to reports, local police said that 8 people were killed in the shooting and many others were injured. At least four people were taken to the hospital and one of them was seriously injured. The police did not report casualties.

Indianapolis Police Department spokesman Cook said in the early morning of the 16th that a shooting incident occurred at a FedEx facility in the city, and the police rushed to the scene at 11 pm on the 15th. Many people were shot and sent to a local hospital for treatment. The police said the gunman had committed suicide, “there is currently no active threat in the community.”

The police said that the case is still under investigation, the identity of the shooter has not been disclosed, and it is unclear whether he is a FedEx employee.

Two employees in the FedEx building said they heard no less than 10 gunshots.

Witnesses pointed out that the gunman was carrying a similar submachine gun and an automatic rifle shooting outside the facility.

FedEx issued a statement earlier on the 16th that it is cooperating with relevant departments to obtain more information.

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