May 15, 2021

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Denmark announces to discontinue AstraZeneca vaccine


Due to thrombosis concerns, the Danish health authorities announced on Wednesday (April 14) that they would discontinue the AstraZeneca vaccine, becoming the first EU country to withdraw the vaccine in its vaccination plan.

European regulators said last week that there may be a link between AstraZeneca’s crown disease vaccine and blood clots. This side effect is rare, and said the risk of death from crown disease is “much higher” than the risk of death due to rare side effects after vaccination. .

Reuters reported that the Danish health authorities said in a statement: “The Danish Health Agency has decided to continue the vaccination program without using the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

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According to reports, the Danish vaccination plan may be delayed for up to four weeks.

In March, Denmark was the first country to completely suspend the use of AstraZeneca vaccine. Out of prudent considerations, the country is currently also suspending vaccination against the coronavirus vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson in order to further investigate whether there may be a link between this vaccine and rare thrombosis cases.

In Denmark, with a population of about 580, nearly 1 million people have received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine, 77% of which are Pfizer vaccine, 7.8% Modena vaccine, and AstraZeneca vaccine 15.3%

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