May 14, 2021

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Prince Philip funeral will be held on the 17th, Meghan will not attend Funeral

The funeral of Prince Philip will be held in Windsor Castle at 2pm local time on the 17th .

 Prince Philip of the United Kingdom passed away on Friday (April 9); Buckingham Palace said on Saturday that the funeral will be held at Windsor Castle at 2 pm local time on the 17th.

According to reports, the Queen of England and her children and grandchildren will attend. Harry has confirmed that he will return to England from California, while his wife Megan is pregnant. Doctors do not advise her to go abroad and will not attend.

Buckingham Palace pointed out that the funeral was greatly reduced in scale due to the coronavirus epidemic and was approved by the Queen of England. The funeral will have a public viewing ceremony, but the public can watch the ceremony through live TV. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson pointed out that although necessary changes were made to the funeral, the arrangements roughly reflect Prince Philip’s personal wishes during his lifetime.

Due to epidemic prevention regulations, the number of people at the funeral should not exceed 30. British Prime Minister Johnson said that he would not attend the funeral, so that more members of the royal family can attend the ceremony.

In a speech on behalf of the royal family, Prince Charles said that he missed his father very much. He said that his father had made the most outstanding dedication to the Queen, his family, the country, and the Commonwealth in his life. His father was loved and appreciated by others and was a very special person. Charles also expressed his gratitude to the people from all over the world and the Commonwealth of mourning for his father.

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