May 14, 2021

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Defectors or a presidency for Netanyahu? There are no encouraging scenarios


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to form an effective government, describing it as not easy

The possible scenarios for the formation of the government that are repeatedly published prove that the shame has been lost

The next few weeks will be packed with politics in scenarios and speculation. Will a government be formed and how? Among the many possible scenarios, two are mentioned again and again: the possibility that Prime Minister Netanyahu will locate two defectors who will move to his bloc and the scenario in which he will seek to run for president.

Shouldn’t the president be a symbol of consensus? A model to which we, the citizens, look up? And defectors – those elected under one statement and arteries to the other bloc? What about them? True, there have been some, but it used to be a shame. It was actually considered inappropriate.

The defection also earned him a derogatory nickname, Klanter, after Rahamim Klanter who was not even a Knesset member, but being a member of the Jerusalem City Council changed sides in 1956. So it is, that it no longer shocks us, and the scenarios we both go through. One, that Netanyahu will be elected president and his trial will be canceled, and that they will find two defectors who will change sides in exchange for governmental favors. Today in Israeli politics, everything is allowed, and our hearts simply become rough.

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