April 20, 2021

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Burmese rebels accuse the military of continuous bombing and displacement of tens of thousands of people


The Karen National League released a photo on April 2, showing a demonstration in a local Karen village to protest the Burmese military's seizure of power. (AFP)

The Burmese rebel “Karen National Alliance” accused the Burmese military of “excessive use of force” and continued bombing of the local area, resulting in the displacement of tens of thousands of unarmed civilians, including children.

Agence France-Presse reported that since the Burmese military launched a coup, the Karen National Union (KNU) has publicly stated its opposition to the military’s seizure of power on many occasions and admitted that it has hosted hundreds of anti-coup activists.

The Karen National League said on Saturday (3rd) that the military continued to send out warplanes for bombing from March 27 to 30, “causing the deaths of many people, including children.”

The organization said: “These air strikes forced more than 12,000 people to flee their villages and triggered a major humanitarian crisis.”

The minority armed forces occupied a military base in eastern Kayin state at the end of March and killed 10 officers; the Burmese military later responded with air strikes.

When questioned, the Burmese military spokesman Jo Min Tun said that the military was only targeting the 5th Brigade of the Karen National Union. “We only launched one air strike that day.” The 5th Brigade of the Karen National Union occupied Myanmar military bases and killed 10. Army of officers.

Jo Min Tun also said: “We have signed a nationwide ceasefire agreement… If they abide by the ceasefire agreement, no conflict will break out at all.”

In the past few days, Karen media and human rights organizations have pointed out that there have been multiple bomb attacks and airstrikes in the area.

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