April 20, 2021

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World Backup Day: Have you protected your important data?

World backup day 2021
World Backup Day was initiated in 2011 when a user on the Reddit forum lost his hard drive and wanted someone to remind them to back up

How important is data backup? From the personal loss of precious data due to accidental deletion to the large loss of enterprises due to data leakage, the consequences of not having backup data cannot be ignored.

March 31 is World Backup Day. How to properly backup data? News Update takes you to understand.

What is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day was initiated in 2011 when a user on the Reddit forum lost his hard drive and wanted someone to remind them to back up. At that time, netizens began to discuss how to protect data on the forum and called on the public to take the initiative to back up data and data to avoid losses.

In 2011, netizens discussed how to protect data on the Reddit forum. 
(Screenshot of Reddit Forum)

Subsequently, digital strategy and research consultant Ismail Jadun (Ismail Jadun) designed World Backup Day to raise the awareness of enterprises and individuals to back up regular data. 

The goal of World Backup Day is to call on people who have never backed up their data to actively back up their data on March 31 every year, and to preserve our growing digital heritage and cultural works for future generations.

Since World Backup Day happens to be the day before April Fool’s Day on April 1, its slogan is also very humorous: Don’t Be An April Fool. Backup Your Data (Don’t Be An April Fool. Backup Your Data).

Why do I need to back up data?

Anyone can become a victim of data loss.

Enterprise data is very important. Natural disasters, hardware equipment failures, hacker attacks, and human errors can all cause data loss. There are many cases where companies suffer heavy losses due to data loss. In 2009, about 800,000 US smartphone users of Sidekick, a mobile phone brand operated by Microsoft, temporarily lost their personal data, including emails, address books, and photos.

Due to limited funding, small businesses rarely develop recovery plans for data loss, and they have very little knowledge of ransomware. Compared with large enterprises, small enterprises face greater threats of data loss and leakage.

There are many reasons for personal data loss. In addition to data loss caused by accidental deletion, data loss may be caused by failure to save it in time, hard disk and computer damage or loss, data attack and data poisoning.

In addition to losing precious memories, the public’s data may also be threatened by hackers and ransomware after being attacked.

How to properly backup

(1) Enterprise

Enterprises need to develop a reliable backup plan to ensure that critical business data can be restored in a short time. Consider the system, database, mail server, internal collaboration software, virtualization program, existing file server size, file system, recovery time, backup performance, backup window and authority configuration, etc., make a backup plan.

Once a backup plan is determined, companies must frequently test data backups. If a backup fails, find the cause in time and adjust the backup plan.

Many companies will choose privatized document backup software to provide real-time and automatic backup mechanisms. Employees do not need to actively back up, and the software can automatically back up specified types of documents without the user’s perception. The backup file is protected by the drive to prevent ransomware.

Some start-ups also choose manual backup, such as to a mobile hard drive or the cloud, when funds are limited.

In addition, many companies also have their own Disaster Tolerance system. Data backup can only achieve the purpose of restoring data after data is lost or destroyed, while disaster recovery systems can provide real-time business takeover functions. When the production system cannot work normally, the disaster recovery system can take over the business of the production system under the premise of ensuring that the data of the production system is lost as little as possible, so that the business can continue to work normally without interruption.

(2 people

Data backup is a major project that requires sufficient budget and preparation.

First of all, the public must update the backup data regularly and quantitatively to prevent the newly generated important data from being lost and unable to be restored.

One backup is far from enough. It is best to have multiple copies of the data backup, but ideally there should be at least three copies to prevent the backup data from being damaged or lost again.

The rapid development of the Internet has made the forms of backing up data more and more diversified. Cloud backup is the most convenient one, such as Onedrive, iCloud, and Google Drive. The personal cloud disk storage services launched by many manufacturers provide a great guarantee for the daily backup of documents, photos and videos.

In addition to cloud storage, the public can also consider backing up offline copies and backing up data to external mobile hard drives. If they are attacked by ransomware, offline copies will not be destroyed.

It should be noted that the mobile hard disks adapted to different computers are different. The public should carefully understand the adaptation system of the hard disk when choosing a mobile hard disk because the mobile hard disk that can be used to install Windows system computers cannot be used on MacBook in most cases.

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