April 20, 2021

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The propeller moved 29 meters away from the hull, and the authorities hope that the Long Give will get rid of its stranding early on Monday morning


More than 10 tugboats and dredgers are assisting the long-term retreat. (Reuters)

More than 10 tugboats and dredgers are assisting the long-term retreat.

Thanks to the efforts of more than 10 tugboats and dredgers, the propulsion of the giant container cargo Captain’s Ship, which was stranded on the Suez Canal, has escaped, and the entire ship has moved 29 meters. The authorities hope that the high tide on Sunday night will make the cargo ship out of trouble.

The Suez Canal authorities are alternately carrying out dredging and hauling operations, trying to get the Long Give up again.

It is understood that the dredger has dug down 18 meters around the trapped cargo ship and dug out 27,000 cubic meters of sand. This released the thrusters of the Longsend from the sediments, and the tugboat then dragged the entire ship by 29 meters.

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The rabbi, chairman of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, told the Egyptian News Channel that the Long Grant “moved 30 degrees left and right” for the first time on Saturday night. He said: “This is a good sign.”

The rabbi said at a press conference held on Saturday that the Long Grant is expected to float on Sunday night. “Depending on the ship’s response to the rising tide, we may finish the work today or tomorrow (Sunday).”

However, VesselsValue expert Nazkov warned: “If the ship cannot be shallowed during high tide, and the next high tide will not occur in the next few weeks, this will be a problem.” The rabbi refused to get out of trouble for the Long Grant. Set a timetable, saying that it is still difficult to work shallow.

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