April 20, 2021

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The Myanmar military releases video testimony: Aung San Suk-chi embezzled NLD election fraud

The Myanmar military released a video testimony accusing Aung San Suk Chi of corruption and the Democratic League under his leadership also involving election fraud

A former senior official in Yangon alleged that Aung San Suk Chi, leader of the indigenous elected government of Myanmar, was involved in corruption, including collecting cash, gold bars and silk.

Reuters reported that the Myanmar military played a video of the testimony of Phyo Min Thein, the former chief minister of Yangon, at a television news conference on Tuesday (March 23). He said that he had visited Weng Shan Shuzhi many times and gave her money “when needed.”

In the video, a mayor of Naypyidaw also accused Weng Shuzhi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) of committing electoral fraud by falsifying the number of voters, including triple the number of voters in a township.

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