April 20, 2021

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Two Taiwan fighters suspected of colliding in the air and crashing into the sea, one person died in service

F-5E fighter jets have served in Taiwan for more than 40 years. So far, there have been 28 flight accidents and 22 pilots have been killed. Today is the 29th.

Two Taiwanese F-5E fighters were suspected of colliding and crashing this afternoon (22nd). Two pilots parachuted and one of them died in the line of duty. This is the seventh crash of the Taiwan military in about six years.

Comprehensive Taiwan media reported that the accident occurred at 3:18 in the afternoon. The military aircraft involved in the accident were two F-5E single-seater planes. The National Search and Rescue Command Center of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan (referred to as the National Search Center) reported that four F-5E fighter jets of the Air Force took off from the Taitung Zhihang base in the afternoon for training missions, and two of them were at the 1.4-nautical-mile radar spot of the Xuhai Fishing Port in Pingtung. Disappeared, and it was determined that one person on the plane had parachuted.

The National Search Center pointed out that the Ministry of National Defense’s Black Hawk search and rescue aircraft and maritime patrol boats, Taitung and Pingtung fire inter-coast searches were dispatched at 3:22 in the afternoon.

The report pointed out that the two F-5E pilots were Captain Pan Yingzhen, who was about 28 years old, and Lieutenant Luo Shanghua, who was about 26 years old. Taiwan’s F-5 fighter jets are currently grounded. Search and rescue personnel have found Luo Shanghua, but Luo Shanghua was unconscious when he was found. Another Taiwan media reported that Luo Shanghua had no signs of life and was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead at 5:45 in the evening. Search and rescue personnel are still looking for Pan Yingzhen’s whereabouts.

According to data, an F-5E single-seat military aircraft was on a mission in Taitung in October last year, but it crashed into the coast of Taitung shortly after takeoff. The pilot was declared dead after the rescue.

Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that F-5E fighter jets have served in Taiwan for more than 40 years. So far, there have been 28 flight accidents and 22 pilots have been killed. Today is the 29th.

The Seventh Tactical Fighter Group of Taitung Zhihang Base is the only base in Taiwan under the F-5E/F fleet. The three squadrons under its jurisdiction are currently serving as training pilots “Ministry Training Aircraft” and are also responsible for air patrols.

Taiwan has previously purchased 66 F-16C/D fighters from the United States, plans to deploy Taitung, and at the same time replace them with new higher education aircraft to retire the old F-5E/F fighters.

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