April 20, 2021

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White House Secretary: Biden does not regret making Putin’s killer remarks

U.S. President Biden's statement that he "agrees with Putin as a'killer'" detonated global public opinion

 The White House Press Secretary stated that US President Biden does not regret calling the Russian President a “killer.”

U.S. President Biden’s statement that he “agrees with Putin as a killer” detonated global public opinion. The United States and Russia are tit-for-tat in this regard, and the “fire of war” is intensifying.

Fox News reported that White House Press Secretary Psaki was asked, “When Biden’s remarks aroused the anger of Russian officials, and whether he felt regretful”, Psaki said, “No, President (Biden) is just Give a direct answer to a direct question”.

Psaki said: “President Biden and President Putin have known each other for a long time. They have both been on the global (political) stage for a long time. They have experienced the ups and downs of US-Russian relations. He (Biden) believes that we can continue to do so. .”

Regarding President Putin’s mention that he has instructed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange a call with Biden on the 19th or next Monday, Psaki responded that the White House has not received any news that Putin and Biden may engage in dialogue for the time being.

She said that President Biden will be in Georgia this Friday and will be “very busy.” If Putin’s proposal is considered, the White House will notify in advance. In response to Russia’s recall of Russia’s ambassador to the United States Antonov to Moscow, Psaki responded that “U.S. ambassador to Russia Sullivan will continue to stay in Moscow”.

According to the Russian Satellite Network report, Putin directly responded to Biden’s remarks late on the 18th: “How can I reply to the words of my colleague, the President of the United States,? I will say to him,’Bless you’ and wish him good health. Healthy.” He emphasized that his words were “neither ironic nor joking.” Putin also said that there are many dramatic and bloody events in the history of each country, but when we evaluate other people and other countries, we always look in the mirror, and we always see ourselves there.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said on the 18th that Moscow will not respond to Biden’s remarks with actions that worsen bilateral relations.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said on the 18th, “The US President’s remarks are very bad. He clearly stated that he does not want to improve relations with our country. We will use this as a starting point.” Agence France-Presse commented that Biden’s remarks caused the United States and Russia to face the biggest crisis in years for their former Cold War opponents.

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