April 20, 2021

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Israel’s vaccination rate is the highest in the world, the fastest to take off masks next month

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Of the approximately 9.3 million people in Israel, 59.3% have completed more than one dose of vaccination. (Bloomberg)

Israel, which has the world's highest rate of COVID-19 vaccination, is expected to allow the use of masks outdoors as soon as next month.

Israel, which has the world’s highest rate of COVID-19 vaccination, is expected to allow the use of masks outdoors as soon as next month.

According to a report by China News Agency quoting South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo on Tuesday (16th), according to Our World in Data, a website that counts the status of vaccinations in various countries, as of the 13th, 59.3% of Israel’s approximately 9.3 million people have completed the procedure. More than one dose of vaccination.

On the 14th local time, according to local media reports such as Channel 12 News and The Times of Israel, the Israeli health department is preparing to cancel the regulations on wearing masks outdoors. The measure is expected to be implemented as early as April.

It is reported that the Israeli health department also plans to issue a “Green Pass” certificate issued by the Israeli government to people who have recovered after completing vaccination or contracting coronary disease, and allow those holding the certificate to travel overseas. However, in the short term, the areas that can travel overseas are limited to areas such as Greece, Cyprus, and Georgia that have approved Israel’s “Green Pass”.

Israel has resumed the operation of most commercial and public facilities through three rounds of relaxation of blockade measures. Nightclubs and bars will also resume operations on the 21st of this month. According to relevant government sources, the limit on the number of people in private gatherings (the current rule is 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors) will also be further relaxed.

According to data released by the Israeli Ministry of Health on the 15th, there were 2,241 new confirmed cases in the country that day, and a total of 820,000,789 confirmed cases; 21 new deaths and a total of 6,029 deaths.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on the 15th saying that the Israeli cabinet has approved the further opening of air travel in and out of the country. Starting on the 16th, Israel will allow flights from any place to enter, but still authorize the Ministry of Health to cancel any specific flights that are considered to be harmful to public health.

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